Breast Enlargement

Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast enlargement, also known as “Augmentation Mammoplasty”, the breast enlargement surgery helps to improve the shape and size of the breast. This procedure is performed in order to improve the silhouette of small breasts, to correct the imperfections suffered by women after pregnancy or to improve their appearance after any health condition that requires reconstructive intervention of the breast.

These are the benefits of the breast enlargement surgery, they also offer the patient the confidence and security of a safe cosmetic procedure:

  • Increase the size of the breasts with silicone gel implants.
  • Treatment will only require simple care for a short time.
  • The aesthetic recovery will take little more than a year for its total healing.

Procedures Times

Times may vary depending on the patient.

Surgery Time

2 hours

Discomfort Time

1 day

Recovery Time

7 - 10 days

Type of Anesthesia


Hospitalization Needed


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Before and After

Results of Breast Enlargement performed by Dr. Renato Rodriguez
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Pre and post operative care for breast enlargement


Most frequent questions and answers about breast enlargement

What is Breast Enlargement?

Women want to change the size and appearance of their breasts to have firm breasts, with greater volume and improve body contour. It consists of placing breast implants and in case the bust is flaccid, a Mastopexy is done that consists in a breast lift. There are several techniques, but the one that the patient will require will be defined by the needs detected by her surgeon.

Does the surgery leave visible scars? Where?

Yes. In the implant placement. The scars are below the breasts. And if a Mastopexy is performed, the scar can vary depending on the technique, it can be around the areola or below it.

What are the recommended medications after surgery?

Medications are pain relievers and antibiotics.

What are the risks and possible complications?

Bleeding, hematoma, seroma, healing problems and specific details of augmentation mammoplasty such as capsular contracture, rupture and changes in the sensitivity of the areola.

What breast implants do you handle?

There are two types of implants, anatomical and round. The difference between the two is visually located in the transition between the clavicle and the beginning of the breast, since anatomical implants have a more natural aesthetic, falling in the shape of a teardrop. While the round ones are shaped like a sphere cut in half.

What does the total cost include?

Includes: implants, fees of the surgeon and his surgical team; stay in hospital from 12 to 24 hours. Nursing service during the hospital stay and appointments to review after surgery with the surgeon.

Doesn't include: post-surgical girdles (Brassier), pre-operative analysis and medications.

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